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July 19, 2007:
New version of CSSTidy: 1.3. See the changelog for more information.


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PHP: 1.3
C++: 1.3


- CDBurnerXP
- XHTML forum [de]
- (X)HTML Validator
- XHTML Validator
- CSS 2.1
- CSS 3
- CSS Validator
- Flyspray
- PCMasters


This is an example what happens with your CSS code if you feed CSSTidy with it (default settings and ver. 1.0beta).
The stylesheet I used comes from from and is 23.2% smaller after optimisation (although the optimised version has a higher readability). See yourself.

» Stylesheet before

» Stylesheet afterwards

Another example is taken from and can be compressed by 38,3%. The maximum compression achieves 46.2% here.

» Stylesheet before

» Stylesheet afterwards (default)

» Stylesheet afterwards (max)